Interested in private acting coaching?

I'm happy to talk to you on the phone or via email to help you figure out which of the following services would help you the most.

Here's what I do

♦I can coach you for a specific audition.

If you have a script or sides for a film audition/theater audition/commercial audition and you want help polishing the material I can work with you for 30 minutes ($35) or 60 minutes ($60).  I have extensive experience helping actors find new approaches and more exciting reads for all kinds of auditions.

♦I can work with you on monologues

If you're preparing a monologue to audition for an agent, for a regional theater audition or for a local theater I can work with you to make the piece really pop.  If you need a monologue I can help you find one that's appropriate for your age and type.  I can do it for the same price listed above but generally you'll want to spend several hours in which case I'll offer you a discount based on how much time we decide you need to spend.

♦I can help you with the business of acting

Are you looking for an agent?  Thinking of moving to New York or LA?  Unsure how to progress as an actor?  I can advise you about all these things and more including headshots, resumes, websites and other marketing tools you'll need to help you advance.

I also teach at STAGE and KD Studio and I can advise you about other acting schools in town.  Or just take one of my classes.  Contact me and I'll let you know what I've got coming up!