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Meantime, I'm a working actor and director:


Here's What's Up!



I played St Clair Byfield in Glorious! by Peter Quilter

at the Bathhouse Cultural Center

for One Thirty Productions, directed by Gene Ray Price

May 8, 2019-May 25. 2019

w/Hans Grim and Colleen Hughes Mallette



I played Hector Nations in


by Hume Cronyn and Susan Cooper

at Theatre Three from Mar 14-Apr 7 2019

w/ Ellly Lindsay (Photo by Jeffrey Schmidt)




Mar 7-Mar 24 2018

I played Charlie Nightingale


The Nightingales


Peter Quilters

Nov 29-Dec 16 2017

I played Harry 'Jazzbo' Heywood "


"It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play"


Joe Landry

Sept 7-Oct 1 2017

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June 2-25, 2017

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March 9-Apr 9, 2017


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November 30-Dec 17, 2016

l-r Janelle Lutz; John S Davies; Gene Ray Price (front); Brian Hathaway; Erin McGrew Herndon

Robert Fulghum's

Uh-Oh Here Comes Christmas

Conceived and adapted by Ernest Zulia and David Caldwell

Music and lyrics by David Caldwell

Directed by Doug Miller



October 7 - October 29, 2016

l-r Rhonda Boutte; John S Davies; Max Hartman; Janielle Kastner

A Stain Upon the Silence

Various Playwrights

Directed by Tim Johnson

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June 3-26 2016

Outside Mullingar

by John Patrick Shanley

Directed by Rene Moreno

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April 15-May 8 2016

The Big Meal

by Dan LeFranc

directed by Emily Scott Banks

l-r Kennedy Waterman; Lois Sonnier-Hart; John S Davies; Sherry Hopkins; Jakie Cabe

I'm eating my last Big Meal as Robert, one of three characters I played in The Big Meal

"Casting is tricky, with the actors ages more important than how they look as a family. Cabe and Hopkins are especially successful with the cross-talk when there is more than one generation of characters on stage. They all move and talk with the brisk rhythm that Banks and LeFranc set for them. Duva and especially Waterman, who are both stage veterans at Fun House Theatre and Film, are fantastic; as are Hart and Davies, who each have moments that devastate the audience."  Mark Lowry-- Theater Jones

"John S. Davies begins as Sam's racist father, but by the end, he's an elderly Sam, being spoon-fed by Nikki (Lois Sonnier Hart) as she marvels at the lives of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren."  CultureMap--Lindsey Wilson



Out of the Loop Festival

Best of the Loop (Stone Cottage)!

Watertower Theatre

Feb 26-8pm; Mar 2-8pm; Mar 5-2pm 2016

Oh Jesus! or An Actor, a Cynic and a Savior Walk into a Bar

Jesus (or, at least a guy who thinks he's Jesus...) has come back to try to make things right with his Dad (i.e. God).  Dad is disappointed because Man (i.e. us) keeps screwing up.  But this time, the resurrection will be live streamed via Go Pros so everyone can see and, finally, believe.  The problem is Jesus needs to attract followers to handle the arrangements.  The problem also is what if he's not Jesus? Plus, God keeps trying to control him and some cynic keeps interrupting him.

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March 9-April 2 2016

The Outgoing Tide

By Bruce Graham

Set in a summer cottage on Chesapeake Bay, Gunner has hatched an unorthodox plan to secure the family’s future, but meets with resistance from his wife and son, who have plans of their own.  As winter approaches, the three must quickly find common ground and come to an understanding—before the tide goes out.  I played Gunner.

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January 21-February 14, 2016


by Neil Tucker

Directed by Marty Van Kleek

It’s 1986. Magritte Holes, the ailing, notoriously outrageous matriarch of one of Houston’s most prominent oil families, has been hiding out in her bedroom for months. She is guzzling whiskey, planning the annual Holes Barbecue, and developing an outlandish strategy to save Texas, and her family’s fortune from imminent collapse. Unfortunately, neither her high-profile guest list, nor her colorful, dysfunctional family have any idea what she has in store for them.  I played Magritte's husband, the oilman Sycamore Holes.  Yup.




December 2-19, 2015

Romance in D

By James Sherman

Directed by BJ Cleveland

 I played Catherine DuBord's father George Fox in this gentle and genteel romantic comedy for 130 Productions.  Also in the cast--Gene Ray Price and David Meglino



December 13-14 2015

I read Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece on successive nights for Shakespeare Dallas' Complete Works Series at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.  It was a challenging and wonderful experience!

Venus and Adonis Sunday December 13 3pm

The Rape of Lucrece  Monday December 14 7pm




October 22 - November 21, 2015

I played Lyman Wyeth in Other Desert Cities at Circle Theater.  I did it two years ago at Theatre Three and most of the cast of that production reunited for this one.  We added Dana Ashley Schultes as Brooke along with Connie Coit, Cindee Mayfield, Jeffrey Burleson and me.  Directed by Steven Pounders. 

Here's the cast (photo by Timothy Long)


May 6-23, 2015

I played Henri in Heroes  by Gerald Sibleyras (Translated by Tom Stoppard) and directed by Gene Ray Price for 130 Productions.  With Cliff Stephens and Francis Henry


Aug 21-Sept 20,  2014

I played Lou in Stella and Lou by Bruce Graham at Circle Theatre with Lisa Fairchild and Eric Wilder, directed by Robin Armstrong


"Davies’ Lou is one of those guys you can’t help cheering for. Graying and handsome, he’s the steady-as-she-goes captain of the bar, willing to listen to one more story. Still, he’s been through the grinder of grief himself—and it shows. When moved by a memory or a plea, Davies’ voice grows husky and wrenches slightly, but he keeps going."

A featurette about me from CultureMap:

Mar 5-Mar 22 2014

I played Al in Finishing School by Elaine Liner and directed by Gene Ray Price  for 130 Productions with Larry Randolph (in photo), Ellen Locy and Catherine DuBordDue to illness, Larry was replaced by Gordon Fox


Nov 21-Dec 15, 2013

I played Lyman in Other Desert Cities at Theatre Three with Connie Coit, Lydia Mackey, Jeff Burleson and Cindee Mayfield. 


l-r Lydia Mackay; Connie Coit; John S Davies  Photo:Jeff Schmidt

"Theatre Three boasts some of Dallas' strongest actors in its cast, too, notably Davies and Mayfield. They do bruised emotions superbly, moving as if their characters are bone-weary from sadness. When Davies finally releases Lyman's pent-up rage in the final moments, the play at last feels like it has achieved an honest human sentiment."  Elaine Liner--Dallas Observer


I directed Brian Witkowicz in  David Marquis' I Am A Teacher (Part 2), which played Oct 15-20, 2013 at The MAC in rep with parts 1&3



May 31-June 23 2013

I played The Father


Directed by Rene Moreno


"Most of the show’s humor arises from the interplay between the ‘friendly” domineering ghost father and gently befuddled Curtis. Graner’s Curtis enters into the comic repartee with an openhearted, unsuspecting innocence; and Davies’ ghost nails every laugh line like a wry Johnny Carson with a favorite guest."

Alexandra Bonifield


Stan Graner/John S Davies


May 1-May 18 2013

I played Gus Klingman in


Directed by BJ Cleveland


"Davies possesses amazing reactive skills, and he employs them with subtlety that is wonderfully effective in the intimate performance space at the Bath House Cultural Center on the banks of White Rock Lake. His Gus evolves gradually, reluctantly, from brooding loner to tentative out-reacher."